In our professional career, both as practitioners and academics, we have seen and been involved in hundreds of design projects in diverse disciplines. We needed to understand what was going on, why some decisions have been made. We learned a lot and decided to share some of these lessons. We have taken an extra step to generalize these lessons and connect them to existing knowledge. The main result of this effort is a framework that we hope will help you to understand a broad range of design activities in our unpredictable world.


Željko Obrenović is a Principal Architect of Adevinta / eBay Classifieds. Before joining Adevinta, he worked as a CTO of Incision, principal consultant with the Software Improvement Group (SIG) in Amsterdam, a consultant at Backbase, an assistant professor at the Technical University in Eindhoven, and a researcher at CWI. In his work, he aims at bridging design research and practice.

Website: Twitter: @zeljko_obren

Erik Stolterman is Professor of Informatics and Senior Executive Associate Dean at the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Indiana University, Bloomington. He is also a professor at the Institute of Design at Umeå University, Sweden. Stolterman is co-Editor of the Design Thinking/Design Theory book series by MIT Press, and on several editorial boards for international journals (The HCI journal, International Journal of Design, Design Studies, Design, Economics and Innovation, International Journal of Designs for Learning, Studies in Material Thinking, Human Computation: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Artifact). Stolterman’s main work is within the areas of interfaces, interactivity, interaction design, design practice, philosophy and theory of design. Stolterman has published a large number of articles and five books, including “Thoughtful Interaction Design” (MIT Press) and “The Design Way” (MIT Press) and the forthcoming “Things That Keep Us Busy–The Elements of Interaction” (MIT Press, 2017).

Website: Twitter: @estolter


The articles from this site are also available in a book form.

Z. Obrenovic, E. Stolterman, Design Instability: Understanding Design Actions in an Unpredictable World, LeanPub, 2018, 1st edition:

Lecture notes: (PDF) (PPTX)